• Log water tests
  • Log biological tests
  • Access reports
  • Manage recurring tasks
  • Allocate tasks to staff
  • Manage assets
  • Organise external contractors
  • Track repairs
  • Order products

What We Offer

We offer a purpose built system that makes running your leisure centre or commercial site much easier. The features in this list are just a part of what we offer through pHlozone. If you'd like to see the full range of features and capabilities available, feel free to contact us for more information or to book a demonstration.

Seasonal Scheduling

Our seasonal scheduling system makes task tracking and scheduling easy! Assign tasks to groups of staff, plan recurring and seasonal tasks, and see incomplete jobs at a glance on the dashboard.

Structure and Asset Management

Store all of the information about your pools, spas, and other bodies of water to a high level of detail. Information about equipment can be stored too, ready for easy access whenever it needs repair.

Custom Targets and Ranges

With the ability to customise targets and ranges for each structure, you can maintain all of your bodies of water exactly the way you want them. Email notifications can also be sent each time a reading is out of range, to help keep track of your water chemistry.

Custom Protocols

pHlozone adapts to your water testing workflow. You can set custom protocols so that when a reading is out of range, your staff know which procedure to follow.

Water Testing Device Integration

pHlozone communicates with Spin devices, and there are more integrations to follow. If your staff test the water manually, they can also enter the test results by hand, and pHlozone will show the relevant protocols just as it would when using an integrated device.


Place orders directly off the system and track them within pHlozone. Order from any supplier through the system or via upcoming ordering portals with specific suppliers.

Why pHlozone?

An application purpose built for leisure centres and commercial sites.


With our unique Daysweeper methodology no task can ever be forgotten or left behind. No excuses! Any overdue or incomplete jobs simply roll to the top of the list to be actioned or re allocated.

Comprehensive Data

Build comprehensive reports on repairs carried out to assets, water test results, incidents and hazards within your facility with complete ease. Track and manage your physical assets including a photo log.

Intensive Management

Allocate tasks to a general user type or to individual staff members for full accountability. Job completion logs as well as PIN protected water tests so you know exactly who to speak to if there is a problem.

Video Overview

Click below to watch a video overview of pHlozone.


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